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Varnam Salon 2.0

  • Shawl Anderson Dance Company Berkeley, CA United States (map)

This salon series explores the power of the traditional solo bharatanatyam repertoire. By way of discussion, performance, and food, we learn about and explore what classical repertoire still gives us today.

Also, we just love varnams. The varnam is often the “main” piece in a solo bharatanatyam performance. It allows a dancer to go deep into content and explore his or her connection to the timeless characters in these pieces. It often lasts between 20-40 minutes, with some varnams by senior masters lasting over 50 minutes to packed halls.

This salon features Roopa Suresh, Vertika Srivastava, and Lalli Venkat.

Roopa will present a full varnam, while Vertika and Lalli will be presenting other pieces from the bharatanatyam solo repertoire.

Suggested donation: $15