...and the three dancers’ forceful, stunningly imagistic performance works as well as theatre and mime as it does as a choreographed work.
— delarue, New York Music Daily, 2019

Nadhi Thekkek, Rasika Kumar, and Sahasra Sambamoorthi create Unfiltered, a dance theatre production exploring the pervasive impact of the #metoo movement.

Nadhi, Rasika, and Sahasra drew from their own experiences as well as anonymous experiences of the women in their lives to continue the necessary dialogue around harassment. This work around the movement neither begins nor ends here, but this work was created to spark questions, conversation, and action in the South Asian diaspora and beyond. This work features live music, with original score composed by Roopa Mahadevan. Currently booking for Spring of 2020.


  • Runtime: 50 minutes, no intermission

  • 3 dancers and 5 musicians

  • Performed with live music

  • Performed in San Jose, New York City, and San Francisco


  • Creators/Directors: Nadhi Thekkek (Nava Dance Theatre, San Francisco), Rasika Kumar (Abhinaya Dance Company, San Jose), Sahasra Sambamoorthi (Navatman Dance Company, NYC)

  • Choreographers/Dancers: Nadhi Thekkek, Rasika Kumar, Sahasra Sambamoorthi

  • Music Composition/Orchestration: Roopa Mahadevan (NYC/San Jose)

  • Musician Collaborators: Roopa Mahadevan (vocal), Malavika Kumar (nattuvangam), Aarthi Shankar (violin), Arun Ramamurthy (violin), Sruti Sarathy (violin), Aditya Ganesh (percussion), Kavi Srinivasaragavan (percussion), Conal Sathi (keyboard), Rohan Prabhudesai (keyboard)

Photos by Pratibimb Photos