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  • ODC - Studio B 351 Shotwell Street San Francisco USA (map)

ODC’s Pilot Program presents Merging, a cutting-edge amalgamation of world premiers by six Bay Area female choreographers. From definitive concepts such as the meaning of intelligence and the British India Partition, to abstract works investigating dreams, strength, and nature, these women contribute their voices and perspectives in an effort to find meaningful ways to reconcile both the past and present.

In her new work, Defining Intelligence, Alyssa Mitchel examines what it means to be intelligent. The work features five dancers and integrates the recorded interview responses of twenty-six Bay Area K-8 students, school teachers, principals and professors. Nadhi Thekkek presents Reminisce, a Bharatanatyam piece inspired by witness statements from the British India Partition of 1947. Molly Matutat premieres Residue, based on a reoccurring dream of unease. The work serves to unravel the source of the dream and find means of resolve while exploring our level of viewership when dreaming. multiple ways to feel invincible, a solo work by Charlotte Carmichael, investigates how the concept of reclaiming can physically manifest itself. Tanya Chianese’s new work, Daybreak, is inspired by the sun rising over the waking rainforest surrounding the Mayan ruins of Tikal, Guatemala and explores morning rituals. Fuerza, choreographed by Marlene Garcia coalesces strength and unpredictability through the use of explosive and subtle movement.