...Divyaa Unni had total control of the narrative. Not only was she captivating, she conveyed a story that many immigrant women could relate to.
— Audience Response, Drive East SF, 2019
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Nadhi Thekkek and Divyaa Unni create A Thousand Names for a Goddess, a dance theatre production exploring the female South Asian immigrant experience.

How does one find a home for your soul? Divyaa explores all sides of self in the world premiere of her concert, A Thousand Names for A Goddess, through bharatanatyam, theater, and live music. Inspired by stories of South Asian immigrant women, history, and mythology, Divyaa performs vignettes exploring those who straddle two worlds to maintain balance within their communities and within themselves.

Produced by Nava Dance Theatre (San Francisco) with funding from the San Francisco Arts Commission and support from the House Artist program at CounterPulse. 


  • Runtime: 60 minutes, no intermission

  • 1 dancers and 4 musicians

  • Performed with live music

  • Premiered in San Francisco during Drive East SF 2019 by Navatman


  • Creators: Nadhi Thekkek (Nava Dance Theatre, San Francisco) and Divyaa Unni (Bharatanatyam Dancer/Actress & Director of Sreepadam School of Dance, Houston)

  • Dancer: Divyaa Unni

  • Choreographers: Nadhi Thekkek, Divyaa Unni, Sri Thina Subramaniam

  • Music Composition/Orchestration: G. S. Rajan (Atlanta)

  • Musician Collaborators: Ananya Ashok (vocal), Chethana Sastry (nattuvangam), Raghunandhan Chakravorthy (percussion), G. S. Rajan (flute)

Banner photo by @sagevisual and @crissycaptures

Performance photos by Leo Resplandor