Nadhi Thekkek (Artistic Director, Nava Dance Theatre) and composer G. S. Rajan create “Restless Eyes Glance,” a bharatanatyam solo production exploring how we relate to each other and to the divine.

This work examines the timeless need for connection, both connections to individuals and connections to the universal spirit. In a time where politics and partisanship are our every day, Nadhi delves deep in classical work to find hope in what makes us human. The excerpt above is inspired by the breath of Krishna's flute, and the life it gives to those who hear it.

Coming back to solo work, to traditional repertoire and in particular the varnam is what breathes life into the bharatanatyam practice.

The premiere of this work was co-presented by Navatman, Inc.

Photo by Sergio Carrasco


  • Runtime: 70 minutes

  • Performed with live music

  • Premiered Jan 13, 2019 @ Navatman Studios, NYC


  • Artistic Direction and Choreography: Nadhi Thekkek

  • Music Composition/Orchestration/Flautist: G. S. Rajan

  • Rehearsal Directors: Sri Thina Subramanian, Shruti Abhishek