American Bazaar: Nadhi Thekkek on Bharatanatyam in the American Landscape

For as long as she remembers, Nadhi Thekkek has been dancing and performing. An accomplished Bharatnatyam dancer, Thekkek is the artistic director of San Francisco-based Nava Dance Theatre. She uses the classical South Indian dance form as a mode of expression as well as a respite from the troubles around the world.

In a wide-ranging interview with the American Bazaar, Thekkek speaks about her dance career, Bharatnatyam and its relevance in America today.

Earlier this month, Thekkek was chosen as one of the three mentees of the reputed Choreographers in Mentorship Exchange (CHIME), a mentorship program for professional choreographers run by the Bay Area-based Margaret Jenkins Dance Company. As a mentee, she will receive support for a year.